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    eDocPro can automate paperless document processing & management for your workgoup:

  • Digitize & organize business documents from virtually any source
  • Share structured comments on a document attachment
  • Create shared business-process workflows
  • Add validated data inputs for ERP system processing
  • Submit documents for formal approvals in electronic workflow
  • Choose version-control options to eliminate duplicates
  • Seamlessly integrate validated data-inputs to other applications
  • Instantly locate document content with OCR search
  • Secure user access to documents / Track & monitor user access
  • Use LAN, WAN or Cloud-based document storage systems

Simplify Paperless Document Processing, Workflow Automation, and Electronic Document Management


Accelerate Work Assignments

eDocPro workflows are built on the idea of a paperless document sharing community.

Sharing documents electronically is a break from the status quo and a movement toward a more meaningful and enjoyable way to conduct office work.

When eDocPro workflow mailboxes are assigned priority-status, your work assignments can be queued ahead of the clutter of the Email inbox items.

You can achieve systematic control over routine business document activities and experience consistent adherence to your business policies with eDocPro.

eDocPro enables intelligent document management with simple add-on toolbar command menus for the Adobe® Acrobat application program.

eDocPro will give your organization access to networked document processing functionality such as shared commenting, business-process workflows, validated data-input, and approval schemas.

eDocPro document mangement with processing and workflow functionality is designed with you, to meet your unique business requirements.

eDocPro automation tools run concurrently with the Adobe® Acrobat application program to provide user-friendly workflow functionality with simple menu commands.  You'll also benefit from the document security features that are already packaged with Adobe® Acrobat.

eDocPro will give your organization a boost in efficiency and consistency.

If you need to accumulate separate documents from different sources together in one project file, eDocPro is a perfect solution. eDocPro is especially useful for business offices that want to efficiently process, organize, share and retain high volumes of paper documents in an accelerated, digital format.

If your office staff is standing at the copy machine, sending inter-office mail, and searching for documents in file cabinets, you'll feel the power of eDocPro workflow processing solutions instantly!

Click on the tabs across the top of this page to learn more about eDocPro with Adobe® Acrobat. Remember, eDocPro user menus are  designed specifically for your unique business-process requirements.

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