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eDocPro was started from the perspective of a CPA who learned firsthand about the limitations of certain electronic document management ("EDM") solutions in the marketplace.  Some of those EDM systems use proprietary document formats, many have cumbersome implementation requirements, and most are extremely limited in workflow processing & document security features.

While researching work-arounds for one such EDM software product, it was discovered that the Adobe® Acrobat PDF document format had a multitude of advanced features that were accessible using the javascript programming language. 

The program would have to allow for dynamic user input. Some of the user input would need to be validated to assure compliance with company master lists.  User approvals would need to be validated according to specific business rules.  The workflow would have to offer individual digital signatures for each user with date & time stamp that records and stores each step in document processing.

The program would have to use private, secure digital mailboxes to move a single, original copy of the document through the business workflow.  User input would need to be accumulated in an efficient batch process and integrated seamlessly, directly into the users ERP system.  Finally, that document, complete with user annotations, would need to be maintained on file electronically in an ISO compliant format, to be available for search and review by all approved users for unlimited years to come.

Eventually, the realization occurred that the advanced  Adobe® Acrobat PDF features could be employed with a simple program script to create intelligent document management that would meet all of the requirements specified.

Many technology implementation projects falter because businesses don't have the resources to make all of the critical decisions and closely manage project results.  eDocPro created a document management system that is simple to implement, simple to use, yet contains tremendous features for your electronic document mangement.  Each eDocPro implementation includes client-specific design as an overlay on the Adobe® Acrobat application program.  You can enjoy the advanced Adobe® Acrobat PDF features including custom user-menus, business-process workflows, and internal control for document security as part of a complete EDM solution.

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