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eOriginal - a Virtuous Cycle

Modern business runs on information. We create, collect, process, distribute, store, manage, retrieve, maintain and dispose of information as an integral part of every business process and activity of the organization. In an effort to increase efficiency, businesses are spending millions on systems and applications to process and store enormous volumes of information.

It's often important for users to have assurance that the electronic document they are processing or reviewing is, in fact, the original version of the document. eDocPro can add a document tracking feature to the metadata of an electronic document. That metadata, along with an encrypted visual stamp, designate the document as an "eOriginal". Subsequent users of that electronic document will then have the assurance that they are processing or reviewing the original version of the electronic document. Another benefit is that there is no need for users to store multiple copies of documents or files, on servers or desktops, when archives are shared.

Is your important business data organized?

In spite of significant investments in IT, businesses still waste a considerable amount of time each day manually processing documents or searching for information. The amount of information we’re working with is increasing each day at an incredible rate. eDocPro will assist you in organizing the important document records of your business into a defined, manageable file structure.

A defined file system for your important roles and responsibilities will be mapped to delineated locations on your server that will be restricted. Users will have primary storage locations defined and access will be restricted. The types of files will also be restricted so that your staff is not storing their personal data (i.e. holiday photos, twitter feeds, and iTunes playlists) on your server.

How does eDocPro facilitate the use of a document management system?

eDocPro add-on desktop technologies offer a simple document management solution, delivering immediate value and increasing organizational efficiency and effectiveness. You’ll enjoy the benefits of a shared business document-network that’s maintained free of casual clutter. Your shared document management system will be designed to enable collaboration while granting each user access to files and workflow functions on a restricted basis.

eDocPro add-on desktop technologies provide users with more direct access to information electronically, the ability to share the information along with user comments with others electronically, together with the ability to complete routine processing of documents electronically. eDocPro is an investment that delivers productivity tools to each individual staff member’s desktop.

eDocPro will assist you to define and establish organized systems for scanning, processing workflows, automated record storage, and automated document retention. The systems documentation review process will often lead to the evaluation of existing business processes and recommendations for improvements.

Expand your existing business applications to eDocPro add-on menus for more mature technologies that continue to drive down the cost of conducting business. Your key to greater success is to review existing business processes, eliminate unnecessary steps and activities, implement technology wisely, and leverage the power of digital document technology interaction.

Workflow - Automates routine business processes to increase efficiency and automate decision-making.

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Technical considerations for deployment of eDocPro EDM are relatively simple. Clients are expected to have an enterprise-level server with windows-based server software (i.e. Windows Server 2007 R2).