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OCR Search

eDocPro with Adobe® Acrobat Optical Character Recognition ("OCR") capability can search the text on your digital document archives in just seconds.  You don't need to add 'keywords' to each document.  You just specify any text you're looking for in an interactive <Search> screen, then you specify which file storage locations you want to search.  Search all of your archives in just seconds!  You will get a list of all documents that include the text of your search terms.  See eDocPro <Search> screenshot examples below.

                              Do this:                                                                                       Don't do this:

Paperless Document Office Workflow Text Search
Paperless File Search

When you select <Search> an interactive window appears. Only the "Enter text to Search" field is required. All other functions of the menu are optional. See screenshot of <Search> command menu:

Paperless Office Search Text Menu

When the <Search> results are displayed, simply double click the file you want to open from the window

Paperless Office Search Text Results