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ROI Calculator

First, consider the value of these features:

       to be able to locate any document instantly?

       to share organized comments & approvals on digital documents with security features?

       to eliminate the need to make photo-copies?

       to accelerate the routing documents to others?

       to eliminate manual filing & retrieval of documents in bulky file cabinets and bankers boxes?

Also, consider a Reuters Study in 2011:

“Both managers and staff use 50% of their time searching for information.  As a result…only the other half of their time is to make use of that info.”

Next, a general guideline:

It is reasonable to estimate somewhere between 25% to 50% of your administrative staff time is spent storing, routing, and retrieving paper, depending on your unique situation.  Time spent storing, routing, and retrieving digital documents can be estimated to be around 3% to 5% of your administrative staff time.  Your potential savings for direct labor could be somewhere between 22% and 45% of your administrative staff time, depending on your specific implementations.

Now, a more empirical approach:

Use the sample template below to make estimates of your existing paper processing costs.


Finally, how much does eDocPro cost?

eDocPro is a system application that is customized according to your local design requirements. While it is is difficult to quote pricing that is specific to each client's individual design requirements, as a general rule, design and implementation would likely be a minimum of 80 hours.  At the higher end, design and implementation would be expected to be around 160 hours.  Custom design & implementation are an up-front, one-time investment, billed at $86 per hour.  License fees depend on the number of users, but can generally be estimated at $399 per month for up to 25 users.

Using those eDocPro cost components, and the ROI template schedule above, prospective clients typically calculate a payback of their investment for design & implementation to be within 1 to 2 months.  Significant savings are realized every month thereafter.

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